How easy is the ginkgo to cut?

How easy is the ginkgo to cut?

Does the ginkgo tree need regular pruning?

Regular pruning of the ginkgo tree is usually recommended in the first few years. This will allow you to shape the tree into any shape you want. Over the years, however, pruning becomes more and more difficult due to growth, but is no longer really necessary.

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When is the best time to prune a ginkgo?

In most cases, pruning is recommended in spring. However, if you want to transplant your ginkgo, you should combine the pruning with it. The tree is stressed only once and transplanting is easier.

What should I consider when cutting a ginkgo tree?

Targeted pruning stimulates your ginkgo to grow more bushy, thus ensuring an even crown that is colorful in autumn. On the other hand, you can clear the treetop by cutting back so that all parts of the tree get enough light. So before you start blending, think about what you want to achieve with it.

How do I achieve a bushy growth in ginkgo?

The Ginkgo grows quite slim by nature and only develops a few side shoots. Therefore, to grow bushy, you actually have to do something while your ginkgo is still young. Prune it in spring. They only shorten the annual shoots. There the tree sprouts again and forms branches that lead to a dense crown.

You should only cut into old wood if you want to remove a complete branch because it may have dried out, has been damaged by frost or is disturbing the overall harmony of the tree. Then always cut close to the base so that no stump remains.

Can I keep a ginkgo small by cutting it?

If you want to keep a ginkgo as a houseplant or cultivate it in a tub, then you can keep it small with targeted pruning. However, it is best to use a strain that is naturally small. This then needs at least fewer cutting measures in order to remain in the desired size.

The essentials in brief:

  • well tolerated by cutting
  • If possible, only prune young shoots
  • Only cut into old wood if branches are to be completely removed
  • Pruning promotes bushy growth
  • Keeping it small is possible with the appropriate cut


The ginkgo is considered to be quite easy to cut, but is not permanently dependent on a regular cut.