Plant the slope with ground cover

Plant the slope with ground cover

The advantages of ground cover on slopes

Ground cover forms thick carpets, often with numerous small flowers. These are particularly attractive on slopes and also have a positive effect on the soil:

  • Ground covers prevent erosion because they create a dense root nest that holds the earth in place.
  • Ground covers retain moisture in the soil as their leaves prevent evaporation. So less has to be poured.
  • Ground cover leaves weeds no chance, as they rob them of the light.

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The most beautiful ground cover for hillside planting

When choosing the ground cover for the slope reinforcement, in addition to the color selection for a beautiful look, the winter hardiness and the location are important. Shade-loving ground cover should never be planted on a south-facing slope and sun-loving ground cover wither on a north-facing slope. If you want to have the slope greened in winter, you should opt for evergreen ground cover. Below is an overview of the most beautiful ground covers with the necessary information:

SurnameFlower colorHeydayLocationHardyWintergreen
Ground cover rosepinkJune to SeptemberSun to partial shadeYesNo
Dickman (Japanese Ysander)Inconspicuous, whiteApril to MayPartial shade to shadeYesYes
ivyNondescriptIt only blooms in autumn after ten yearsPartial shade to shadeYesYes
Elven flowerRed, pink, white, filigreeApril to MayPartial shade to shadeYesNo, it turns bright in autumn
Lady's mantleyellowMay to JuneSun to partial shadeYesNo
Gold basketyellowMay to AugustSun to light penumbraYesYes
Little evergreenvioletMay to SeptemberSun to shadeYesNo
CrawlerLeaves with a white marginSun to shadeYesYes
KnotweedRed to pinkJuly to SeptemberSun to partial shadeYesNo, it turns bright in autumn
Summer spear
ChickweedWhiteApril to JunePenumbraYesYes
Star mossWhiteMay to JulySun to partial shadeYesYes
CranesbillPink, whiteMay to September, depending on the varietySun to partial shadeYesNo
LoquatWhite, red berriesMay to JuneSun to shadeYesYes
Carpet sedumPink, red, etc., red foliageJuly to AugustSunYesYes
Waldsteinie (runners)yellowApril to JunePartial shade to shadeYesNo
Wool thymepinkJune to JulySunYesNo

Secure the slope

The ground covers need some time to spread and thus offer comprehensive protection. Therefore, it makes sense to lay embankment protection fabric before planting the ground cover. This fabric consists of rotting materials such as coconut fiber or jute and stabilizes the earth until the ground cover can take over this work. Then they rot and also serve as fertilizer for the plants on the slope.

Combine ground cover

Ground cover can be combined well with taller plants such as perennials but also with shrubs or small trees. Deep-rooted trees and plants are particularly useful. Here is a list of the most beautiful, deep-rooted shrubs for hillside planting.