When is the fig season?

When is the fig season?

Figs from your own garden

House figs ripen in our latitudes between mid-September and mid-October. In contrast to many fruit trees, not all fruits of the fig ripen at the same time and the harvest extends over several weeks. This is advantageous as the fresh fruits cannot be stored for long.

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Fully ripe and juicy

You can first recognize the degree of ripeness of the fruit by the fact that the fruit has reached the color of the skin typical of the variety. It should come off the branch easily. When harvesting the pressure-sensitive fruit, only touch the stem base and do not squeeze a fig that you want to store for a few days unnecessarily.

You can recognize overripe figs on the tree by the small drops of honey that come out of the opening at the top. The leaves that were initially located at this point have completely receded on the fully ripe fruits.

Buy figs

In Italy, Greece, France and Turkey, the fruits are harvested until late autumn and sold in stores. When buying, check the fig's degree of ripeness by pressing lightly. It should give in gently but not be mushy and soft. Dark spots on the peel indicate that the aromatic fruit has already spoiled. A white veil on the skin, on the other hand, is crystallized grape sugar and normal for fully ripe fruits.

Tips & Tricks

Dried figs are in season in winter. Then you can get the dried aromatic fruits of the previous season in stores.