Wintering geraniums without soil

Wintering geraniums without soil

Geraniums are best overwintered in the cellar

In any case, geraniums hibernate at best if they are severely cut back, without leaves and bare roots in a dark cellar at temperatures between five and ten degrees Celsius. Before the first frost (around mid-October) pot the geraniums out of their planter, cut off shoots, leaves and any flowers and buds that may still be present, remove the soil around the rhizome and also shorten the roots a little. With regard to storage, you now have several options:

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1. You pack the rhizome in a plastic bag and hang the plant upside down.

2. You wrap the rhizome in newspaper and put the geraniums in a box.

Watering is usually not necessary with this type of overwintering.


Instead, you can also overwinter your geraniums in pots or flower boxes (€ 13.18 on Amazon *), but these then have to be lighter and warmer.