Helpful tips for planting oak trees

Helpful tips for planting oak trees

Do oak trees have to be preferred?

If you want to sow your oak yourself, you should first prefer the acorns in pots after pre-treatment. Then the tree develops faster and is protected from damage by mice and other pests.

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Which location do oak trees prefer?

Oaks can do well in a shady spot, but they grow better if they receive a lot of sunlight.

What should the soil be like?

Good, well-drained garden soil is sufficient. Mix the soil with some chopped oak leaves and add some peat and - if available - forest soil in the case of very poor soil.

When is the best time to plant?

Most of the deciduous trees are planted in the fall. For oak trees that are grown in pots, it makes sense to plant them in spring. They are planted outdoors after long taproots and several pairs of leaves have formed.

What plant spacing should you keep?

The small oak tree seedlings need enough space around them so that they get enough light. Other plants should be at least three feet away. If the tree is big enough, hardly any plants will thrive nearby. This is also due to the fact that fallen oak leaves release tannins that prevent new vegetation.

Maintain sufficient distance from pipes, lines and house walls so that they are not damaged by the roots of the oak.

How are oak trees planted?

  • Loosen the earth deeply
  • remove weeds
  • Dig the planting hole
  • Insert oak seedlings
  • Carefully press the earth down
  • Pouring on
  • Protect from eating damage

You have to dig the planting hole as deep as the taproot is long. The root must not be kinked or damaged during insertion.

How can oak trees be propagated?

Propagation takes place via acorns, which sow themselves or are collected.

Can oak trees be replanted?

Young trees can be transplanted without any problems. With older trees this is not advisable and only possible with heavy equipment.

Tips & Tricks

It takes many years for an oak tree to produce acorns itself. Only when the tree is 40 years old can you collect significant quantities of acorns.