Japanese umbrella fir: height, width, growth habit

Japanese umbrella fir: height, width, growth habit

Height in this country and at home

Anyone who plants a Japanese umbrella fir in the garden or elsewhere in this country can assume that it will be between 6 and 10 m high. But that takes a very long time ... In its homeland, this conifer usually reaches a height between 20 and 30 m. Older specimens rarely rise up to 50 m.

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With this relatively low growth rate in this country, the Japanese umbrella fir is also suitable for bucket culture. You can often find them in front gardens, parks or house gardens. Their charisma in a solitary stand is not to be despised. It looks fantastic next to ferns, bamboo and rhododendrons.

How can the height be regulated?

If 10 m is too much for you, the Japanese umbrella fir can keep you in check with one cut. But it takes many years for it to reach this level. In the first years of life it looks more like a shrub. The character of the tree can only slowly be recognized from an age of around 15 years.

You can regulate the height with pruning shears or a fine saw. The Japanese umbrella fir can usually be cut easily. The only thing you shouldn't cut off is the leading shoot. Otherwise this plant will only continue to grow in width. It is better to shorten their side shoots if necessary.

How does the Japanese umbrella fir grow?

The exterior of this umbrella fir has the following characteristics:

  • just up and coming
  • looking well-groomed (even without much care)
  • dense construction
  • conical
  • evenly
  • richly branched out
  • lively branches
  • Double needles standing together like an umbrella
  • Branches are almost at a 90 ° angle on the trunk
  • Spread: 1.50 to 2 m
  • Trunk diameter of a maximum of 3 m


Thanks to the slow growth of an average of 20 cm per year, the Japanese umbrella fir usually does not need pruning. But so that the growth can develop naturally and correctly, the right location is extremely important.