Repotting the Clivia properly - tips and tricks

Repotting the Clivia properly - tips and tricks

The right plant pot

Do not choose flower pots that are too large for clivia; the flowers are often more abundant in a smaller pot. However, since these plants can get quite tall, up to 90 cm, the pot should be relatively heavy. Otherwise your Clivia could easily tip over. During flowering, the plant also becomes a lot heavier and therefore more easily unstable.

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The right soil for Klivien

Normal potting soil or compost from the garden is suitable for the Clivia. To avoid waterlogging, put this soil on a drainage layer on coarse gravel or old pottery shards. In fresh soil, the Clivia does not need any fertilizer for a few weeks or even months, depending on how soon the winter dormancy is approaching.

Plant Kindel

Over time, small offshoots, the so-called Kindel, grow on the Clivia. You can easily use these for propagation. Before you separate the Kindel from your Clivia, they should be at least 20 to 25 centimeters in size.

It is best to carefully cut the Kindel with a sharp knife shortly after flowering. A mixture of peat and sand or potting soil with sand or peat is suitable as a substrate. It should be absolutely permeable. If waterlogged, the tender roots would rot too easily. Therefore, do not water these young plants much for the time being.

How often should I repot my clivia?

The first repotting of your Clivia is due when the roots grow clearly out of the previous pot. Sometimes this is a short time after the purchase. Then you should treat the plant to a new pot or fresh soil about every three to four years.

Why does frequent repotting harm the Clivia?

The clivia is quite sensitive. Not only frequent repotting but also repeated relocation within a short period of time is poorly tolerated. Both of these can prevent the clivia from blooming. Klivia just take a long time to get used to changed situations. You should also not turn the pot with the plant. The Clivia would like to have the light always from the same side.

The essentials in brief:

  • is very sensitive to changes
  • frequent repotting makes it difficult to flower
  • do not choose too large a pot
  • only repot every 3 to 4 years


Do not repot your Clivia too often, or it will refuse to flower, about every three to four years is enough.