Can you just fill a raised bed with soil?

Can you just fill a raised bed with soil?

Only fill the raised bed with soil

Smaller raised beds, for example - for example the planter of a table raised bed or a fruit box raised bed - are not suitable for stratification, as there is not enough space for the necessary decomposition processes. You simply fill in good potting soil in such raised beds, as well as in a raised bed where layering is not possible due to a lack of material or where you want to save yourself the effort. In any case, a drainage filled in from below is advisable, which should be up to 30 centimeters thick in a high bed. The light expanded clay pellets, but also gravel and / or crushed stone, are particularly suitable for this.

Which soil for the raised bed?

Generally suitable is a good balcony plant or container plant soil, which you can upgrade with compost, perlite (€ 32.90 at Amazon *) and rock flour (€ 14.95 at Amazon *). For herbs, use herbal soil, which is thinned with sand for the Mediterranean species. Heavy eaters such as tomatoes and other fruit vegetables, on the other hand, benefit from tomato soil.


Algae lime and horn shavings (€ 6.39 at Amazon *) also enhance the nutritional composition of potting soil for raised beds.