Which foil should you use for the raised bed?

Which foil should you use for the raised bed?

Pond liner

Pond liner is specially produced for the construction of garden ponds and is therefore not only very robust and impermeable to water, but often also UV-resistant. This property ensures the long durability of the film, because UV light makes the material porous. Pond liners also have the advantage that they have to be as non-toxic as possible for stocking with fish and plants - many fish species in particular are extremely sensitive to toxins. And what does not harm fishing should also be suitable for raised bed plants.

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Stay away from PVC

For this reason, use it for lining raised beds - especially when it comes to raised vegetable beds! - If possible, no PVC films. These contain harmful plasticizers that migrate into vegetables via the soil and are suspected of causing cancer in humans. When buying, therefore, pay attention to foils that are free from these additives.

Rubber foil (EPDM foil)

Durable EPDM foils are usually made from natural rubber and are not only characterized by their extreme resilience and durability, but also by the fact that they do not emit any harmful substances. For this reason, they are harmless to plants and other living beings (which nestle in every raised bed) and are therefore environmentally neutral. But they are also very expensive.

Bubble wrap

This film is also known as a drainage film for good reason and is intended to help prevent waterlogging. One side of this film is equipped with numerous knobs that drain the excess water down from the raised bed. When buying, however, be sure to pay attention to the material: The cheap brands in particular are often made of less stable plastic and contain plasticizers and other harmful substances.


Instead of using foil, you can also use other materials to protect your raised bed from moisture. For example, an old bathtub or zinc tub can be converted into a raised bed and designed with a wooden or stone border, for example.