Simply peel the mushrooms

Simply peel the mushrooms

Clean and peel the mushrooms

Like all other mushrooms, mushrooms are very delicate foods. If they are not handled carefully, unsightly pressure points that turn dark quickly develop. But with little tricks, your mushrooms stay attractive and can be arranged in an appetizing way. For example, never pour the mushrooms from the basket onto the workplace. The tender flesh could get dark spots and the hats could tear off. Instead, take each mushroom out of the basket one at a time and clean it carefully.

White or brown mushrooms are always cleaned before processing, even if the specimens from the supermarket are only slightly soiled. If the mushrooms are to be marinated, they are also peeled, as this allows the marinade to penetrate the pulp better.

  1. First cut off the dry end of the mushroom stems.
  2. Take a clean brush and brush off any dirt particles from the mushroom cap.
  3. Gently turn the mushroom over while holding the stem.
  4. Now you can also remove dirt from the slats.
  5. Now put your knife on top of the mushroom hat and scratch the skin from top to bottom.
  6. Make several fine cuts, but only scratch the skin.
  7. Now pull the skin off in strips from top to bottom.

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If the mushroom is peeled, you should process it immediately. If you don't want to process your mushrooms right away, it is best to keep them dirty. But keep in mind that mushrooms have a limited shelf life.


Mushrooms are not cleaned with water, i.e. no water bath for cleaning, no showering under the water crane.

The mushrooms would soak in the water like a sponge, they would be soft and mushy, their aroma washed out.

The mushrooms do not immediately soak up under running water, but the water inevitably flushes the aromas down the drain.

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