With these tips you can combat red clover in the garden

With these tips you can combat red clover in the garden

This is how red clover multiplies

Red clover is a perennial herb. It multiplies via the long tap roots and by self-sowing.

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The roots are very robust. Even the smallest remains of roots sprout again. If you want to sow red clover in the garden, be sure to create a deep root barrier. However, this measure only helps to a limited extent.

You should definitely cut or harvest the flowers before they have bloomed. If red clover has spread out in the lawn, mowing often helps. Then no seeds can form and spread all over the garden.

Destroy red clover as a weed

If you want to remove red clover from the beds, dig up the plants with a digging fork. Pierce the fork next to the plant as deeply as possible and lift the soil up.

Pull the roots out as completely as possible. If the infestation is very severe, it helps to sift through the soil and pick out even the smallest remains of roots.

Remove red clover from the lawn

  • Scarify the lawn in spring
  • Fertilize the lawn
  • Cut out weeds
  • Remove the turf
  • Sift through the earth

In the lawn it is much more difficult to destroy red clover. Scarify the lawn in spring so that the grass plants become strong and displace the weeds.

Prick out individual plants with a weed cutter. Here, too, you have to get hold of all the roots if possible.

If the infestation is very severe, the only thing left to do is to re-sow the lawn. Before doing this, however, the soil must be sieved several times to remove all root remains of the red clover.

Do not use weed killers

The use of weed killers is not recommended for red clover as it has little effect. The plant is also a popular bumblebee and bee pasture. The beneficial insects would be damaged too much by chemical agents.


Plant residues from the garden or kitchen should not be disposed of on the compost. There the red clover sprouts again. Better to remove the remains from the garden entirely.