The right time to cut the beech hedge

The right time to cut the beech hedge

Beech hedges are not allowed to cut all year round

The regulation only applies to the radical shortening or thinning of a beech hedge.

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Heavy pruning is not allowed from March to September. This regulation was issued to protect birds that breed in beech hedges during this time.

When is the best time to cut beech hedges?

A strong pruning is carried out in the winter half-year before budding. Old branches and branches are cut out and hedges that are too high are shortened.

The second cut will take place from the end of June. At this point, the beech hedge sprouts again and is shaped by cutting. Only the outer shoots are cut.

The right day to cut the beech hedge

In winter, the beech hedge may only be cut on a day that is frost-free. Ideally, the temperatures are at least plus five degrees.

If the sun is shining very strongly, you should not cut the beech hedge on this day. Otherwise the cuts will dry out too much and parts of the hedge will wither. Cut the hedge on a day that:

  • Frost free
  • dry
  • not too sunny

is. Then the beech hedge suffers the least from the cut and regenerates quickly. But it always takes some time before it is dense and green again after cutting.


After cutting a beech hedge, you should water the plants well. It can also be useful to add fertilizer to young hedges if the pruning is too great. The beech trees now need a lot of strength to sprout.