The most beautiful geranium varieties at a glance

The most beautiful geranium varieties at a glance

Pelargonium Zonale - Upright geraniums

The geranium species that grow upright can reach heights of around 40 centimeters and vary greatly in terms of flower and leaf colors. You can also choose between double, semi-double or simple flowers. A selection of particularly beautiful varieties can be found in the table below.

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Pelargonium peltatum - hanging geranium

The popular hanging geraniums with their ivy-like leaf shoots can be up to 150 centimeters long and also inspire with a large variety of colors. Again, the flowers can be double, semi-double or simple. These species do particularly well in window boxes or hanging baskets.

Pelargonium Oderata - fragrant geraniums

The fragrant geraniums, which grow up to 40 centimeters high, have smaller, but two-colored flowers compared to the upright Pelargonium Zonale. What is particularly striking, however, are the intensely fragrant leaves, the aroma of which is reminiscent of lemons, roses, mint, apples or pines, depending on the variety. Many of these varieties can be used in the kitchen.

Pelargonium grandiflorum - noble geraniums

The noble or English geraniums are characterized by their particularly large and particularly large number of flowers, which are mostly two-colored - ie with a darker eye. They are mostly grown as indoor plants, but can also be kept outside - provided they are protected from rain.

Pelargonium crispum - butterfly geraniums

The butterfly geraniums are the little sisters of the noble geraniums. These are also characterized by an above-average abundance of flowers and have a darker eye. However, they only stay about 20 to 30 centimeters and can rarely be overwintered.

Pelgardini - ornamental geraniums

So-called ornamental leaf geraniums have rather inconspicuous flowers, but very distinctly drawn leaves. These varieties are also only between 20 and 30 centimeters high.

Recommended geranium varieties

In the following table you will find an overview of some particularly beautiful geraniums.

Geranium varietyHabitFlower color
Balcony redhangingred
Dark Reduprightdark red
Tonkeuprightdark purple-red
Elarauprightbright red
Fire Merlothalf hangingdark red
Burgundyuprightdark red
Rosettauprightsalmon colored
Lady Ramonauprighttwo-tone pink
Balcony pinkhangingtwo-tone pink
Katinkauprighttwo-tone light purple
Quirinhalf hangingdark purple
Shocking pinkhangingstrong pink
mermaidsemi-hangingtwo-tone red and white
Ville de DresdenhangingWhite


If you are looking for robust balcony geraniums, then choose the upright or hanging varieties with simple flowers - these are usually more weather- and rain-resistant than variants with double or semi-double flowers.