Geraniums overwinter even without a cellar

Geraniums overwinter even without a cellar

Winter geraniums dark or light

For a dark wintering, geraniums must no longer have leaves, as otherwise the evaporation rate is too high and there is also the risk that pests and fungi will settle on the weakened plant. In addition, the darker the winter quarters, the lower the room temperature. Of course, this rule also applies in reverse. If the geraniums are not to remain in the cellar, it is best to overwinter them in a light location at temperatures between 10 and 15 ° C. To do this, pack the potted geraniums in groups of three or four in a clay pot, cover them with a mixture of sand and earth and keep it moist throughout the winter.

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Should you decide to spend the winter in the cellar, the bare-root geraniums can also be wrapped in newspaper.