What is the cost of removing the thuja hedge?

What is the cost of removing the thuja hedge?

Cost of removing the thuja hedge

  • Cost per hour worked
  • or costs per running meter
  • Travel costs
  • Discharge of the thuja
  • if necessary, agree on a flat rate

The cost of removing a thuja hedge is calculated either per man hour or per meter of hedge.

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In addition, there are costs for travel and disposal of the cuttings.

In any case, you should get a cost estimate from several companies in order to choose the cheapest alternative.

Billing per working hour

The amount of remuneration for one hour of work depends on the region. As a rule, 30.00 to 50.00 euros per hour are charged. With a long and old hedge, this variant can be more expensive than billing per hedge meter.

Costs per running meter of hedge

The billing of the costs per running meter of hedge is based on the age and size of the thuja hedge. Here you have to reckon with 30.00 to 60.00 euros per meter, depending on the offer.

Dispose of the tree of life and roots

The disposal of the cleared trees of life has another impact. Usually the cost is calculated per cubic meter. Depending on the region and specialist company, this can cost up to 50.00 euros.

It can be worthwhile to agree a flat rate with the gardener that includes all costs.

Why hire a professional to remove it?

A large tree of life has not only developed extensive roots, it also weighs a lot. Without the appropriate device, you can hardly move such a tree without help.

The horticultural company not only has the necessary equipment with which the work can be carried out quickly and cleanly. He also has the necessary know-how to carry out the removal of the thuja hedge professionally.

Plus, there's no need to buy or rent garden tools. You don't have to worry about disposing of the cuttings and root stocks either.


A thuja hedge cannot do without regular pruning. Especially if the cut is very strong, it makes sense to hire a gardener to carry out this work professionally.