Thuja turns brown! What to do?

Thuja turns brown! What to do?

Why is the thuja turning brown inside?

The fact that the thuja hedge turns brown on the inside, especially in autumn, is a completely natural process. The needles first turn yellow, then brown and then fall off when dry.

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This process is favored by little light, which seems increasingly rare, especially in the cold season. The process is complete when the temperatures drop sharply.

Before you panic, it is worth clarifying the circumstances under which the hedge will grow. If you are unsure, ask a gardening professional what you need to do and what.

Clarify the circumstances

Occasionally, of course, incorrect care, diseases and pests are also possible causes of tanning. Therefore clarify whether the thuja is really lacking for anything. Look for the following points:

  • Sufficiently moist location
  • no waterlogging
  • not over-fertilized
  • no pest infestation recognizable
  • Fungal diseases can be excluded

What to do to treat the brown spots

Basically, you don't have to do anything if the thuja hedge turns brown inside. You can just wait and see.

If the brown spots are very annoying, cut them off with sharp secateurs while shaking the twigs.

Remove all brown and dried-up parts so that you do not cut too close to the old wood. The tree of life no longer sprouts in these places!

Thuja gets brown tips

If the thuja hedge turns brown on the outside at the tips, strong sunlight (sunburn) or a pest infestation can be responsible.

Never cut a tree of life directly in the hot sun.

You can recognize a pest infestation by feeding tunnels in the shoots and black piles of faeces that stick to the needles.


You can hide unsightly brown spots or holes that appeared while cutting. Run green shoots with a wire so that they lie over these spots.