Small instructions on how to properly plant beech hedges

Small instructions on how to properly plant beech hedges

Which location is ideal for a beech hedge?

Beeches like it sunny or partially shaded. If necessary, they also thrive in shady locations.

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What should the substrate be like?

The soil must be slightly humic and not too acidic. Beech trees need a lot of moisture, so sandy soils are only conditionally suitable. Waterlogging is to be avoided in any case. Loosen the soil well before you plant the beeches.

When is the best time to plant?

It is best to plant the beech hedge in late autumn. In the case of beech hedges planted in spring, failures due to excessive drought are quite frequent.

What plant spacing is necessary?

50 centimeters between the beeches is ideal. You can plant between two and four beech trees per meter, depending on their size.

Maintain a sufficient planting distance to buildings, neighboring properties and streets.

How do you properly plant a beech hedge?

  • Pull the planting cord
  • Dig a trench (approx. 40 - 60 cm deep)
  • Improve soil with compost
  • Slightly prune the beech roots
  • Insert sapling
  • Attach support post
  • Fill in the earth and step on it
  • Water and sludge beech trees

Can a beech hedge be transplanted?

Once a beech hedge has grown, it can hardly be transplanted. It is not possible to get the roots out of the earth undamaged.

How are beeches propagated for hedges?

Propagation takes place either by sowing beechnuts or by cuttings. Cuttings are cut in the spring and grown in pots until they form roots.

If you pull the beeches for the hedge yourself, it will take longer to have a good privacy screen. But this is the cheapest way to plant a beech hedge.

When do beech hedges bloom?

Beeches bloom in late April to early May. The flowers are inconspicuous. A beech hedge does not have many flowers.

What are the names of the fruits of beech hedges?

Beeches have capsule fruits with a somewhat prickly skin. Inside there are two to four beechnuts, which are slightly poisonous raw. Beech hedges rarely bear fruit because they are cut too often.

Are beech hedges ecologically sensible?

Yes, beech hedges play an important role in the garden. They offer birds and other garden dwellers a good shelter. Birds in particular like to breed in the hedge. For bird protection reasons, you are therefore not allowed to prune back much hedges from March to June.


The beeches for a beech hedge should be planted with two people. While one is putting the tree in place, the other holds it tight so that it does not tip over to one side. This is the only way to ensure that the beech trees are growing.

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