How to care for the elephant ear - tips and tricks

How to care for the elephant ear - tips and tricks

Plant and repot the elephant ear

The elephant ear can be repotted about every two to three years. It prefers a loose and permeable substrate. If you put your elephant's ear in a new pot, it should be only slightly larger than the old planter and have a drainage hole.

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Ideally, the diameter of the plant pot is around three centimeters larger than the root ball or bulb of your elephant's ear. Before planting the plant, be sure to create a drainage layer.

The right location for the elephant ear

The elephant ear, which comes from South Africa, likes it warm and bright, but cannot tolerate direct sunlight, nor frost or waterlogging. Therefore it feels much more comfortable on a west or east window than on a south window. If the summer is warm, the elephant's ear can stand outside in the shade. A heated greenhouse or winter garden is also a good place for the elephant's ear.

Water and fertilize the elephant ear

From April to October you should water the elephant ear so that the substrate is always a little damp, but in no case wet. Fertilization is also useful during this time. Add a little liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water about once a month.

Hibernate the elephant ear properly

In winter, the elephant ear needs almost no care, because it hibernates. It does not have to be fertilized and only very rarely watered. If the plant has been on the balcony in summer, it should move back into the apartment or winter garden by September at the latest. The ideal winter temperature for the elephant ear is 12 ° C to 15 ° C.

The essentials in brief:

  • easy to care for
  • Onion plant
  • perennial
  • white flowers
  • comes from South Africa
  • Location: warm and bright
  • does not tolerate waterlogging or direct sunlight
  • not hardy
  • hibernates best at temperatures of 12 ° C to 15 ° C


The elephant ear is quite a rare houseplant, but very decorative and easy to care for.