The harvest time of the blueberries

The harvest time of the blueberries

Picking the berries in the forest

The native wild varieties of blueberries in the forest have a similar ripening period as the varieties grown for the garden from North America. Depending on the weather, the first fully ripe fruits can usually be found from the beginning of July in a year. The exact ripening time of a stand also depends on the altitude of the location and the shade provided by trees and shrubbery. With wild blueberries, the season usually does not extend into late summer as long as with cultivated varieties, but in some places a harvest is possible until the end of August or the beginning of September.

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The North American blueberry varieties for the garden

The plants commonly used as crop varieties in the garden come from North American blueberries, which have larger fruits and white flesh. They are a little less aromatic and rich in vitamins than their wild relatives in this country, but they are more pressure-resistant and do not stain the fingers when crushing fruit. The harvest time for cultivated blueberries ranges from around July to September, depending on the location and care. During this time, fruits can be continuously harvested from the same bushes, as they ripen with a delay. Good yielding varieties for cultivation are:

  • Bluecrop
  • Gold grape
  • Bluetta
  • Nero

Tips & Tricks

Since unripe and ripe fruits hang close to each other on every branch of cultivated blueberries, care should be taken when using a berry comb to only catch fully ripe fruits. Blueberries do not ripen and must be sorted out when they are immature.