A brilliant irrigation for the flower pot

A brilliant irrigation for the flower pot

Self-made irrigation options

With a little craftsmanship and some common household equipment, you can make makeshift irrigation systems yourself.

For example:

  • irrigation with a PET bottle
  • water with a bucket system
  • Direct water-giving wicks into the earth
  • the bathtub as a water reservoir

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All of these possibilities serve their purpose for some time. However, those who go on vacation frequently or are on business a lot should fall back on the ingenious professional irrigation systems. Various manufacturers offer electronically controlled systems which, once set, take over the irrigation work fully automatically.

Automatic irrigation systems

A distinction is made here between above-ground and underground drip irrigation. The above-ground irrigation system can be connected directly to the tap. The evaporation losses are low.

Underground drip irrigation also works via the tap, but here the inflow pipes are laid in the ground. There is no evaporation loss.

Automatic irrigation systems are beneficial for

  • large-area lawn irrigation with one sprinkling
  • Perennial and vegetable beds also with irrigation
  • Greenhouses with drip irrigation
  • as holiday irrigation for planters and
  • Balcony boxes (€ 106.25 at Amazon *) and
  • Houseplants

How an automatic irrigation system works

First, a pressure reducer including filter is connected to the tap. A hose now leads into the bed, on the terrace, into the greenhouse etc. and small branching hoses lead to the individual plants. The water sprays, drips and flows as soon as the tap is opened. There is also technical help here. A watering computer can control the flow of water if desired. If the moisture in the soil is also measured by a sensor, the water supply only opens when it is too dry. The plant only receives water when it actually needs it. The sophisticated technology even makes it possible to mix in liquid fertilizer via an additional device.

Such highly technical equipment is best installed by a specialist so that all processes can be precisely coordinated. As a user, you can easily control your irrigation system (€ 69.29 at Amazon *) with a mobile phone app.

Just awesome!

Automatic irrigation in the balcony box

A modern irrigation system can also be used for the balcony box. A perforated hose is connected with a filter to an external water storage tank (rain barrel) or (without a filter) directly to the water pipe. By connecting a humidity sensor in the system, the water runs drop by drop from the hose when the earth is dry.

Automatic watering of indoor plants

Here, too, there are drip irrigation sets that provide the houseplants with water during the holiday season. The drip system can be set so that it only delivers limited quantities. The flow control can also be taken over by an irrigation computer that is interposed in the system.

Long absence from vacation can thus be bridged without problems.