Maple care is booming in autumn - this must be done now

Maple care is booming in autumn - this must be done now

Autumn pruning minimizes the risk of failure

Maples tend to leak more fluid from cuts. Even the smallest damage to the bark in the middle of the season causes the sap to flow freely. You can avoid this shortcoming if you prune a maple in autumn. At the same time as the leaves fall, the sap pressure is reduced to gradually increase again from December / January. How to use autumn to prune the maple:

  • Cut the maple when it has shed at least half of its leaves
  • Carry out pruning by the end of January at the latest
  • Ideally cut in dry, frost-free weather

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Only cut shoots that are too long in the area of ​​last year's growth. When you thinning out old, dead branches, neither stumps should stand for long nor the astring be damaged.

Potassium fertilizer strengthens winter hardiness

The robust winter hardiness of up to - 40 degrees Celsius is not innate even in local maple trees. Reliable frost tolerance only develops in the course of the first few years. By adding a potassium-based fertilizer in the fall, you encourage this process. This nutrient in particular is able to lower the freezing point in cell water and strengthen the tissue of the cell walls.

Prepare a tub of comfrey liquid manure in good time in summer so that you can shower the tree slice one or two times in August and September. Alternatively, you can administer Patentkali or Thomaskali in late summer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Maple in the pot wants a winter coat

Potassium-rich fertilizer is not enough to protect maple in the pot from the rigors of winter. Cover the bucket with fleece or coconut mats (€ 116.09 on Amazon *) and place the container on wood or styrofoam. Gather autumn leaves and lay them on the substrate as a thick layer.


Autumn is not just the linchpin for important maintenance measures. When summer draws to a close, the ideal time window opens up for planting in the bed. In September and October, the sun-warm soil provides the ideal conditions for rapid rooting.