Proper care of a primrose: it depends!

Proper care of a primrose: it depends!

Should primroses be watered regularly?

Primroses should be watered regularly, especially during their flowering period. Anyone who neglects this must expect the flowers to wither prematurely.

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Once again, watering should be given increased attention in autumn. From September on, primroses are well watered to stimulate their budding. In the summer time is called for for primroses quiet time, but the soil should not dry out at this time.

Spray primroses in the pot at flowering time

Primroses in pots in the apartment are happy if they are sprayed with water several times a week during their flowering period. But be careful: only spray the leaves and not the flowers!

Do primroses need fertilizer?

Overall, primroses have a low to medium nutritional requirement. As soon as you can see the flower buds, we recommend adding fertilizer every 2 weeks. Primroses in the pot receive a liquid fertilizer that is added to the irrigation water. Primroses in the bed can be supplied with compost.

Do you need a cut?

It is not necessary to cut primroses. Cutting back is inappropriate. On the other hand, it is advisable to remove the withered flowers so that the strength is not invested in seed formation. As a result, the new flowers grow back better. In addition, yellow leaves should be cut off regularly.

Which propagation methods have proven themselves?

There are three ways primroses can be propagated. On the one hand, they can be separated or propagated using root cuttings. On the other hand, they can easily be spread in the world through their seeds.

The sowing of primroses:

  • sow outdoors
  • at room temperature the seeds germinate poorly or not at all
  • ideal temperature: 12 to 16 ° C
  • Seeds are light germs (do not cover with soil!)
  • after 2 to 3 weeks the first leaflets are visible

The division of primroses happens as with other plants. But this method is not just for reproduction. It is important to keep primroses blooming. In particular, pillow primroses need to be divided every 2 to 3 years.

Do you have to repot primroses?

Primroses should be repotted in the pot every two years. This can happen in early spring or late summer. If the plant is larger than 15 cm in diameter, it is important to divide it beforehand.

Which winter measures are necessary?

Primroses tolerate frost extremely well. But primroses in pots, for example on the balcony, should be wrapped in newspaper to protect them from freezing through. If they are put indoors, temperatures between 7 and 12 ° C are ideal for wintering.

Tips & Tricks

Yellow leaves are a sign of soil that is too wet, too cool, or a lack of magnesium.

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