How does lilac stay long in the vase?

How does lilac stay long in the vase?

Cut lilac blossoms for the vase - that's how it works

You will need sharp, pointed scissors and a sharp knife to cut the lilac stems. Always cut off the flowering shoot directly at its roots, and choose branches with buds that have not yet fully blossomed. Leave already wilted flower stems, they will not stand up again in the vase.

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Cut lilac stems early in the morning

Not every time of day is suitable for cutting the lilac. Ideally, you should use the scissors in the early morning or in the evening, because flowers cut at noon wilt much faster. Only lilac blossoms that are to be dried are best picked around noon. It's best to take a bucket of water with you, so the flowers stay fresh longer.

Properly prepare, care for and arrange the lilac bouquet

After cutting, you should put the lilac flowers in a vase as soon as possible. With the following preparatory tips, the stems will last longer as they can hold more vital water.


First remove all leaves on the stems, because leaves rotting in the water will reduce the shelf life of the bouquet. In addition, the lilacs evaporate a lot of precious water through its large leaves, which is why leafy flower shoots dry up faster. Cut the flower stalks just before placing them in the water so that no air bubbles form in the ducts of the stems. Peel off two to three centimeters of bark from the end of the stem and then cut just as deep vertically into the stem at this point. Always use lukewarm water.

Keep the lilac bouquet fresh

Putrefactive bacteria that spread on the stems and in the water reduce the durability of the flowers. Therefore, you can keep the lilac bouquet fresher longer using the following methods:

  • Change the vase water completely every day, don't just fill it up.
  • You should also rinse the vase thoroughly.
  • Re-cut the stems every two days.
  • Avoid sun and drafts.
  • Do not place the lilac bouquet next to a fruit bowl.
  • Put the bouquet in a cool room or basement overnight.


A lilac bouquet looks very lush on its own, but also harmonizes very well with other flowering plants such as gold lacquer, late tulips or roses.