Put garlic - practical tips on timing and technique

Put garlic - practical tips on timing and technique

Spring or autumn? - as you wish

Few medicinal and aromatic plants give the gardener so extensive a free hand when it comes to planting time. Of course, that's not the only reason why you're putting your garlic on. Flexibility is always an advantage:

  • Garlic stuck in October for large onions the next year
  • planting in February or March shortens the waiting time for aromatic enjoyment

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On both dates you also have the choice of planting garlic in the bed or in the planter. Nobody has to do without the spicy delicacies from their own cultivation, because there is always an alternative.

Favorable location conditions

In order for the kitchen classic to have a successful season, the modalities at the location play a central role:

  • sunny location promotes best growth
  • warm, protected and bathed in air
  • permeable soil, preferably sandy-loamy
  • good vegetable soil as a substrate in the balcony box

Garlic does not make particularly high demands on the nutrient content of the soil. Experienced hobby gardeners even advocate a rather meager clod. The special garlic aroma should develop more delicately in this case.

Put garlic correctly without prior knowledge

Garlic cloves or the purple seeds are suitable as seedlings. It is advisable to purchase fresh toes from local specialist shops, if only for quality reasons. Since the brooding onions do not have a long shelf life, it is worth asking them from hobby gardeners who are friends.

  • weeding and raking the soil carefully
  • Insert the garlic cloves upright 5-7 cm deep
  • Do not sow the bulbs deeper than 2-3 cm
  • a suitable planting distance is between 15 and 20 cm

If you like, you can work previously sieved compost into the soil. To pour on, place the shower head on the watering can so that the substrate is not washed away again immediately.

Tips & Tricks

After the autumn planting, light winter protection is advantageous. A layer of mulch made of straw, leaves or pine needles protects the garlic from frost and snow. Put garlic in the planter, ideally wrap it in a warming bubble wrap and place it on wood or styrofoam.