How to remove moss and lichen from pavement and patio

How to remove moss and lichen from pavement and patio

Are moss and lichen identical?

Visually, moss and lichen look very similar. In addition, both types favor shady, moist and cool conditions. With that the similarities are already mentioned, because from a botanical point of view there are serious differences. Moss is a green, rootless land plant. Lichen, on the other hand, is a colorful, symbiotic community of fungi and algae, so that they are not real plants.

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Tips for removing moss and lichen from stone

The earlier you start removing the pavement, the less effort it will take. With a wire brush, grout or hard scrubber, there is a good chance of effective cleaning in the early stages of the infestation. If there are still stubborn residues, give the base the rest with these agents:

  • Repeatedly spray the populated area with fruit or wine vinegar
  • Prepare a solution from 20 to 30 g of baking soda and 10 l of boiling water and use it several times
  • Let several days pass between applications and scrub again and again

Fighting them with biodegradable products from specialist retailers proves to be less sweaty. These include Compo Bio Moss-Free or Celaflor Naturen Moss-Free and Natria 3 Hours Bio-Weed-Free. Here, however, you are usually not spared manual rework. Self-cleaning products such as Celaflor stone cleaners or GrĂ¼nEx stone cleaners are based on chemical ingredients and all the associated risks to health and nature.


Neither moss nor lichen do any harm to trees. Both the green land plants and the colorful communities only use the bark as a substrate to hold on to. Moss and lichens do not act as parasites, so control is not necessary.