The types of pasture

The types of pasture

How many willow species are there?

It is estimated that there are around 450 different willow species. The distribution area extends over the entire northern hemisphere. The deciduous trees have even established themselves near the Arctic or in the warm tropics.

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Willow species occurring in Germany

In Germany alone there are many different types of willow, some of which grow in the wild or are cultivated in one's own garden. The best known include:

  • the white willow
  • the willow
  • the harlequin pasture
  • the wicker
  • and the weeping willow

Different characteristics of different willow species

The different willow species differ most obviously in their height. Some species reach a considerable height of 30 meters, while others remain close to the ground with a tiny 3 centimeters. You can also use other characteristics to differentiate. Orientate yourself on the leaves.

  • Rosemary willow: thread-like and narrow
  • Auricles of willow: pale green and wrinkled
  • Engadin Weide: silky hairy and egg-shaped

The bark of some types of willow is also striking.

  • Weeping willow: yellowish
  • Auricles of willow: gray-brown
  • Purple willow: red

The weeping willow is one of the most popular types of willow because of its long, drooping branches. The corkscrew willow looks just as beautiful, the branches of which spiral in a spiral.

Ornamental plants

In addition, willows form so-called hybrids. These are created by hybridizing different species. Furthermore, gardeners try to optimize the properties of the deciduous tree through breeding. Some examples are

  • the corkscrew willow
  • the real Chinese weeping willow
  • or the harlequin pasture

The right size for every garden

Huge weeping willows often exceed the space available in a garden. Fortunately, there are also numerous short varieties:

  • Alps pasture
  • Ear willow
  • Arctic willow
  • Short-tooth willow
  • Ash willow / gray willow
  • Pike blue willow
  • Ruch willow
  • Bare pasture
  • Silk willow
  • Silky-haired willow
  • High valley pasture
  • Spit willow
  • Cabbage willow
  • Swiss pasture
  • Woolen willow
  • Downy willow
  • Lapland pasture
  • Blueberry willow
  • Net willow
  • Creeping willow
  • Polar pasture
  • Sapling willow
  • Pale willow
  • Marsh-leaved willow
  • Quendelweide