Fight French herb - this is how you slow down the spread!

Fight French herb - this is how you slow down the spread!

Annual and not hardy

The button herb, as the plant is also called, is an annual plant that does not survive the cold winter. Nevertheless, they can be spotted anew every year, usually in even greater numbers than before. This is because the herb successfully seeds itself.

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Before you have completely removed the "weeds" from your garden, you should perhaps taste them once. French herb is not poisonous but edible; in France it was even grown as a cultural vegetable.

Prevent seed formation

When controlling the plants currently growing in the garden, future generations must also be kept in mind. Any seed that falls on fertile soil can later develop into a vigorous plant. It mustn't get that far, otherwise every control measure is pure Sisyphean work.

  • Fight the plant before it flowers
  • work carefully, not overlook a copy
  • Pay attention to new plants in good time in the following years

Weed French herbs regularly

The only way to prevent seed formation is to weed all plants at a young stage. Without its typical flowers, however, the French herb looks confusingly similar to some summer flowers. Here you have to look carefully and act decisively.

Fortunately, the herb is relatively easy to pull out of the ground. Check your garden at regular intervals so as not to miss a single specimen. Even a single undiscovered plant can scatter countless seeds.


Of course, there are also total herbicides on the market that destroy these weeds and all other plants. But this is such a strong poison that we do not recommend it for the sake of nature.

Dispose of flowering plants

You should dispose of all flowering plants with household waste or the organic waste bin, but never put them in the garden compost. The seeds would survive in it and find their way back into the bed.

Avoid inviting areas

Every unoccupied place in the garden is like an open invitation to the French herb that it gladly accepts. Take this living space away from him.

Areas mulched with a natural material under bushes, larger shrubs or in vegetable patches remain largely weed-free. The French herb hardly stands a chance. Planting ground cover is another way of attractively planting bare soils, even before button weeds can conquer them.