Under what circumstances can horned violets be perennial?

Under what circumstances can horned violets be perennial?

Horned violets are usually one to two years old

Most commercial horned violets are not designed to last for decades. The majority of them give up after 2 years at the latest. The bloom already subsides from the 2nd year of standing and the horned violets no longer appear as vital as in the previous year.

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Potential to grow old

Basically, every horned violet has the potential to grow old. These plants, which are known as semi-shrubs, have a creeping rhizome that persists in the ground through winter and from which new flowers emerge in spring.

Neglected horned violets only live briefly

The reason horned violets don't live long is that they are often neglected. However, if you offer you a perfect location with a good plant spacing from one another and do not neglect maintenance, you can extend your life ...

Water, fertilize and rejuvenate regularly

Regular watering, economical fertilization and rejuvenation are crucial. The main reason that horned violets are often not perennial is a lack of energy. They bloom constantly and go to their limits. Therefore it is said: water well, fertilize regularly and divide every two years.

Rejuvenate the horned violets regularly

Unfortunately, not all varieties are suitable for sharing. It's best to ask in the garden center! When you have a suitable variety, divide it up in spring or fall. The plant is dug up beforehand. After dividing with a spade, the plants are planted in a new location along with fertilizer.

Protect from severe frost in winter

Appropriate frost protection is also important. Most varieties tolerate frost - some hybrids even temperatures down to -15 ° C. Sensitive varieties should be protected in winter with:

  • brushwood
  • leaves
  • Fir branches
  • Spruce branches
  • or fleece

Tips & Tricks

Do not cut off all of the withered flowers. Horned violets like to sow themselves. This means that even with a non-perennial variety you have the chance to admire horned violets every year.