How to connect your rain barrel to the gutter

How to connect your rain barrel to the gutter

Different connection variants

If you would like to connect your rain barrel to the gutter, you have two options to choose from:

  • Attach the rain collector directly to the downpipe
  • or a rain collector with an attachment pipe

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The direct connection

The direct connection is the simplest method of connection. The only difficulty is that the downpipe has to be drilled open. But do not worry, even if this is the first time you dare to do this, you will succeed in drilling with these instructions.

  1. Hold the downpipe filter (available at the hardware store) on the downpipe.
  2. Pick a spot slightly above the top of the rain barrel.
  3. Mark these with a marker pen.
  4. Now drill a hole at the marked point.
  5. Insert the downpipe filter.
  6. The rainwater is now directed from the gutter into your rain barrel.

The rain collector with an attachment pipe

This method enables you to set up the rain barrel at some distance from the gutter. A hose connection is used for this. However, you will need a rain collector plug-in pipe.

  1. Again, cut a correspondingly large hole in the downpipe.
  2. Insert the connection pipe into the hole.
  3. Connect the rain barrel with a hose to the downpipe of the gutter.
  4. Attach the hose at least 10 cm below the top edge. This serves to protect against overflow.
  5. Downpipe and rain barrels (€ 149.95 at Amazon *) connection must be at the same height. Otherwise the water will flow back again.

Mount the sieve

In addition, you should install a sieve in the gutter at the opening to the downpipe. This prevents leaves and coarse dirt particles such as bird droppings from getting into the rain barrel.