Chamelaucium - care for the Australian wax flower

Chamelaucium - care for the Australian wax flower

Long life is just waiting in the bucket

Chamelaucium is an evergreen shrub belonging to the myrtle family. With us, it can grow up to 1.5 m. In Australia it grows in the wild, with us it has to be content with a large bucket, because there is no winter hardiness.

  • Plant in well drained soil
  • it should be slightly acidic with pH 6-6.5
  • A mixture of potting soil, sand and pumice gravel (2: 1: 1) is ideal
  • Cultivate outside outside the frost period
  • Place in a sunny spot with at least 3 hours of sun per day
  • Comfortable temperature is between 15 and 35 ° C

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The earth is allowed to “almost” dry out

You don't have to lug heavy watering cans with this plant. The main task is rather to ensure that the shrub does not stand in waterlogging. A protected location is therefore important on very rainy days.

The Australian wax flower does not ask for water until its soil is almost dry. In winter it is so little needed that it is only watered in sips.

Fertilize every now and then

When buying and after repotting, there is usually a soil well saturated with nutrients in the pot. Therefore, in these cases there is no fertilization for a whole year. Then Chamelaucium uncinatum can be fertilized from April to September. A liquid fertilizer covers all needs if it is used every 4 to 8 weeks.

Cut back for a nice shape

Chamelaucium does not require regular pruning. However, pruning promotes compact growth. So cut if the plant grows out of shape. But wait until after wintering.

Repot if necessary

If the shrub has grown strongly and the pot is too small for it, it must be repotted. However, you should leave him alone during the flowering and hibernation periods. That leaves spring and autumn.

Winter in the house

The Australian wax flower can withstand low temperatures, but its tolerance ceases in frost. This shrub must therefore overwinter indoors.

  • Clear the plant in time
  • place in a cool and light place
  • temperature values ​​of 5 to 10 ° C are ideal
  • occasionally pour something

In spring, as long as there is no risk of frost, the plant can go outside again, but it has to be slowly accustomed to the sun.


If the evergreen shrub loses part of its leaves in winter, it is likely to suffer from a lack of light. Move the tub closer to the window or install a plant lamp. (€ 28.43 at Amazon *)