How to install irrigation for a balcony without a water connection

How to install irrigation for a balcony without a water connection

You do not need a water connection for these systems

Each of the systems listed here is based on the proven principle that the plant draws the water from a storage container. This water tank can be small or large, installed directly in the pot or located outside and connected to the planter via a hose.

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Planters with a water reservoir

If you regularly drive away for a few days, you should put your balcony plants in a planter with a water reservoir from the start. These are a bit more expensive to buy, but save you regular watering - and reliably supply your plants if you go away for the weekend or even for a week.

PET or glass bottles

A well-known and proven DIY method of watering potted and potted plants are PET or glass bottles that are filled with water and turned upside down directly into the planter.

Irrigation cone / ball

This method works better if you screw a clay or plastic watering cone onto the bottle beforehand. Glass irrigation balls work on the same principle, but of course they look nicer.

High tank

High tank systems are also very practical, in which a larger container is filled with water and placed above the planter to be watered. The high tank is connected to these via thin hoses, whereby the water runs slowly and evenly into the pots and boxes due to the force of gravity and the resulting hydrostatic pressure.


With a battery-operated pump and a timer, you can perfect the high tank system and adapt it better to the needs of the plants.