Planting outdoor cucumbers - this is how culture requirements are met

Planting outdoor cucumbers - this is how culture requirements are met

Cucumbers cannot be fresher than home-grown. Because of their specific active ingredients, they are used not only as a versatile food, but also as a moisturizer in cosmetics. There are over 40 types of cucumber. Some recommended resistant F1-hybrid free range cucumbers:

  • Bella F 1 - high-yielding, robust, bitter-free, purely feminine flowering.
  • Burpless Tasty Green F 1 - very digestible, aromatic.
  • Sudica F 1 - Insensitive to cold, seedless, bitter-free, purely feminine flowering.
  • Rawa F 1 - robust, tasty, purely feminine flowering, ideal for single households.

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Which location do free-range cucumbers want?

Free range cucumbers are less sensitive to the cold. You can go outside when the floor temperature is over 10 degrees. Like all cucumber varieties, they love a warm and full sun, as sheltered from the wind as possible.

Which soil is suitable for free-range cucumbers?

Cucumber soil has to be loose, nutritious and rich in humus - and outdoor cucumbers love manure. A proven cucumber substrate recipe for planting outdoor cucumbers under cucumbers.

Which cucumbers sow and which to plant?

Think about whether you want to grow outdoor cucumbers yourself in the greenhouse or buy young plants and plant them directly in the garden. This saves the daily hardening of the plants and transplanting. If you want to grow outdoor cucumbers yourself, you should start in mid-April.

Free range cucumbers want to hold on

Whether along the ground or when climbing up - outdoor cucumbers rarely grow in the desired direction. Plant sticks or climbing aids support the plants so that they can grow healthily and bear ripe fruit more easily.

From the blossom to the cucumber

Outdoor cucumbers are ripe in the greenhouse from the end of May. The first cucumbers can be harvested outdoors three weeks after flowering - from July if the plants have moved ahead. Important: Cut the ripe cucumbers from the plant regularly. This promotes the subsequent ripening of further fruits. Ideally, you can harvest free-range cucumbers twice a week until the end of September.

Tips & Tricks

Too many free range cucumbers? Easily and quickly preserved: Ingredients - bay leaves, peppercorns, mustard seeds, juniper berries, dill, vinegar and water. Bring 1/3 cucumber vinegar 2/3 water with the ingredients to the boil. Cut the cucumbers as desired and fill them with screw-top jars. Pour hot brew over it, screw tight - done!