Slim trees for the small garden or front yard - the most beautiful varieties

Slim trees for the small garden or front yard - the most beautiful varieties

Column trees can be found almost everywhere

Trees that grow in columnar form are particularly slender. Depending on the species and variety, these can reach heights of between ten and 15 meters, but remain remarkably narrow. However, you do not have to reach for the pillar tree right away if the desired house tree is to have a slim growth. Many varieties with an oval, conical or vase-shaped crown are also rather narrow. These trees are best shown as solitaires, but can also be planted well as avenues and some as hedges.

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The most beautiful columnar varieties

There are numerous varieties of columnar tree species, of which a great many actually retain their narrow growth shape through targeted breeding measures even without pruning measures. In addition to deciduous and fruit trees, this also includes some conifers. We have compiled some of the most interesting varieties for you in the following table.

Tree speciesVariety nameLatin nameStatureHabitparticularities
Pillar rock pear'Obelisk'Amelanchier alnifoliaup to four metersstiffly upright, shrub-likeedible fruits, valuable nutrient wood for birds and insects
Column hornbeam'FastigiataCarpinus betulusup to ten metersvery narrow growthno cut necessary
Yellow column beech'Dawyck Gold'Fagus sylvaticaup to eight metersvery narrow growthno cut necessary
Column beech'Dawyck'Fagus sylvaticaup to eight metersvery narrow growthno cut necessary
Red column beech'Rohan Obelisk'Fagus sylvaticaup to four meterscolumnar narrowno cut necessary
Pillar cherry'Amanogawa'Prunus serrulataup to 4.5 metersvery slender growth, only up to a meter widevery suitable for buckets
Columnar oak'Fastigiata Koster'Quercus roburup to 15 metersconical, narrow growthslow growth
Columnar mountain ash'Fastigiata'Sorbus aucupariaup to eight meterscolumnar uprightimportant nutrient wood for birds
Golden elm'Wredei'Ulmus carpinifoliaup to ten metersconical growthgreen-yellow foliage


Instead of a real tree, bushes grafted on half or tall trunks can also fulfill this function. They also tend to stay smaller than a real tree.