Better not water aloe vera enough

Better not water aloe vera enough

Aloe Vera is believed to come from South Africa. It is now at home in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Aloe grows best at moderately warm temperatures of around 22 ° Celsius and little moisture. The plant also needs a lot of light to thrive.

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Avoid waterlogging

The thick leaves of aloe vera are able to store water and can therefore survive for a long time without water. Aloe vera does not tolerate waterlogging. For this reason, the substrate should consist of a mixture of soil and sand so that excess water can always flow through and out. A drainage layer made of potsherds and gravel on the bottom of the pot is helpful.

Do not pour from above

The aloes that stand outside in summer should be watered sparingly about twice a week. After moving into the house, watering should only take place when the earth is really dry. In any case, pour directly onto the substrate and not onto the leaves.

Young plants need a little more water

Note the following for young plants:

  • they are not yet able to store enough water in their leaves,
  • they are dependent on regular water intake,
  • they should only get used to sunlight slowly.

Tips & Tricks

Like all plants, rainwater is ideal for watering. However, the frugal aloes don't mind using ordinary tap water for watering.