Hebe or Strauchveronika is only partially hardy

Hebe or Strauchveronika is only partially hardy

What temperatures does Hebe survive in winter?

Hebe is available in stores in many varieties. These include supposedly hardy varieties such as Hebe addenda or Hebe armstrongii. However, it is misleading to claim that these shrub veronica can withstand a cold winter outdoors.

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It is true that the small-leaf varieties tolerate sub-zero temperatures better than the large-leaf types of lifting. But it shouldn't be colder than minus five degrees at the location - and even that only for a short time.

Basically, varieties with small leaves can be overwintered in the garden with good winter protection. Large-leaf varieties, on the other hand, should be grown in the bucket from the beginning so that you can overwinter the plant frost-free.

Hebe in a cool but frost-free winter

Hebe can be grown all year round as an ornamental plant in the house or in the tub on the terrace. Shrub veronica that are designated as conditionally hardy varieties can also be planted outdoors if you provide winter protection in winter.

Hebe pulled in a bucket or pot needs a cool, but frost-free place in winter. This also applies to varieties that you keep in the flower window.

In winter, place the pots in a place where the temperature is ideally five to ten degrees. The location must be bright, otherwise the leaves will turn yellow. Suitable places are:

  • Corridor area
  • Attic
  • unheated winter garden
  • cool greenhouse

Slowly get used to the warmth after the winter

When the temperature rises in the spring, start slowly getting the lift used to warmer temperatures.

You shouldn't bring the ornamental plant straight into the warm living room, but first put it a little warmer for the hour.

You can bring lifts in the bucket outside on frost-free days. Only when it freezes at night should you bring you back inside.

How to overwinter shrub veronica in the garden

If you have put hardy varieties outdoors, there are two ways to overwinter them. You can dig them up in the fall and put them in a bucket. This is then overwintered in a frost-free place.

If it is not possible to bring shrub veronica into the house in winter, sprinkle a mulch blanket around the plant. Leaves or lawn clippings are suitable for this.

Cover the plant itself with brushwood or, even better, fir branches. Fir branches have the advantage that the needles fall off in spring and so light reaches the Hebe.


The ornamental plant from New Zealand needs a very bright but not too sunny location. The flowering time depends on the variety and can last from May to July. Late varieties bloom from August to October.