Change lawnmower blades yourself - step-by-step instructions

Change lawnmower blades yourself - step-by-step instructions

How often should lawnmower blades be changed?

There is no fixed schedule for replacing lawnmower blades. Rather, the intervals at which the knives have to be changed depends on various factors. The degree of use is just as important as the amount of maintenance required or the quality of the winter quarters. If a commercial lawn care professional renews the cutter bar every 4 months, this can only make sense every 1 to 2 years for a private lawn owner.

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When it comes to this question, act according to the rule of thumb: Change dull lawnmower blades before the first lawn cut in spring. This premise applies equally to electric, cordless and petrol lawnmowers.

Material, tools and preparatory work

Safety is a top priority when changing a lawnmower blade. When buying, make sure that the new cutter bar is suitable for your model. If the knife and lawn mower do not go together, considerable damage is inevitable. You will also need a wrench and work gloves. How to properly prepare the replacement of the knife:

  • Electric mower: pull out the power plug
  • Cordless mower: Remove batteries
  • Petrol mower: Pull out the spark plug cable, close the petrol tap and tilt the carburetor upwards

It is beneficial to have a helping hand to hold the lawnmower in place when you loosen the screws and replace the blade.

How to replace lawnmower blades correctly - instructions

If you have taken all safety precautions, you can fully devote yourself to changing the lawnmower blade. How to proceed properly:

  • Fix the knife bar with one hand or a piece of wood or knife blocker
  • With the other hand, loosen the screw with washer and put it aside within reach
  • Pull out the knife with slight twisting movements and put it down at a safe distance
  • Place the new cutter bar flush with the screw opening and hold it in place

Finally, screw in the screw and washer and tighten securely. Please hold the knife with one hand while you turn the wrench with the other hand.

After replacing the blade, put the lawnmower back on its wheels. Place the plug on the spark plug on the petrol mower and open the petrol tap. You insert the accumulator in the cordless mower.


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