Do not overwinter the poinsettia but overwinter it

Do not overwinter the poinsettia but overwinter it

Always overwinter the poinsettia indoors

The poinsettia is native to the tropical deciduous forests of Mexico, Central and South America. There the temperatures do not drop below freezing point, so that the poinsettia is not hardy with frost. It should never be colder than five degrees at the location of the poinsettia.

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Since it develops its eye-catching bracts at Christmas time, which gave it its name, it is grown in the house in winter anyway.

The right location in the room

  • Bright
  • not too sunny
  • warm
  • no drafts

If the poinsettia is in full “bloom”, it needs a bright, warm location. The window sill should not be exposed to direct sunlight if possible. He also doesn't get places directly above the heater.

The big enemy of the poinsettia during the winter and summer is drafts. Choose a place where it will not be exposed to strong drafts. If this cannot be avoided, for example when ventilating, put the poinsettia in a more sheltered place for this time.

Summer stars on the balcony

As soon as the temperatures rise again outside, you can put the poinsettia on the balcony or terrace. A draft-protected location is also important here.

As soon as the temperatures drop below five degrees, you need to bring the poinsettia back into the house.


Poinsettias are perennial if they are usually only grown for one season. In order to get a poinsettia to form new flowers and bracts for several years, it must be put in the dark for six to eight weeks in autumn.