Hot pods always fresh: freeze chillies

Hot pods always fresh: freeze chillies

Chilli, paprika, hot peppers: what is what?

Both chillies and hot peppers are hot types of peppers. Paprika is the genus of plants to which the various species and varieties are subordinate. When it comes to chilies, there are different types, from the fiery spicy Habaneros to the spicy, mild fire kisses. They are all great for freezing as they have a relatively low water content (compared to sweet peppers, for example).

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Prepare and freeze the chillies

Freezing chillies is particularly quick and effortless, as they are frozen raw and do not have to be laboriously prepared: If you do not want to cut the chillies into small pieces, you can simply freeze them in one piece.

  1. Wash the chili peppers off and pat them dry.
  2. Label freezer bags or boxes suitable for freezing with the date and contents of the freezer.
  3. Optional: Divide the chillies, remove the seeds and skins and cut the pulp into fine strips.
  4. Put the chilli strips or the whole fruit in the prepared freezer container.
  5. Close it carefully and put it in the *** freezer compartment.

Process chillies directly from the freezer

You do not need to thaw frozen chillies before processing. Simply add them to the dish while cooking.

When you have frozen the chillies, take the required amount from the freezer and put the rest back in the freezer. You don't have to use up whole chillies either: cut the required amount from the frozen chilli with a sharp knife and put the rest back into the freezer. Chopping up frozen chillies even has an advantage: the spiciness of the pods does not stick to the skin as much as it does with fresh chillies.

Frozen chillies can be kept in the freezer for about a year. Over time, they lose their aroma, which is why you shouldn't lose track of your freezer compartment by carefully labeling them and use up the chillies as soon as possible.

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