Build a decorative privacy screen yourself from pallets

Build a decorative privacy screen yourself from pallets

Obtain suitable handicraft material legally

For a number of years there has been a real hype about handicrafts and DIY with wooden pallets. In addition, the economic development ensures that the euro pallets intended for repeated use (€ 16.99 at Amazon *) are usually only removed from the economic cycle if there are significant signs of material fatigue. In order to get the pallets valued for their stability, it is worth asking commercial or trading companies. Euro pallets are generally accepted and returned according to an exchange and deposit system, but pallets still accumulate at some points in the pallet cycle, which sometimes even have to be disposed of at high cost.Since the transport of the relatively bulky and heavy pallets over long distances is laborious, it is worth researching online about possible pallet sources in the vicinity.

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Build lounge furniture and a privacy screen for the terrace from pallets

With an appropriate protective coating, lounge furniture made from wooden pallets can last for a few years outdoors. For example, for a cozy lounge chair outdoors, three pallets are simply stacked on top of each other and screwed together. Armrests and the backrest are created from another, cleverly sawn up palette. While wooden pallets for furniture construction first have to be thoroughly sanded smooth, any wood splinters only interfere to a limited extent when building a privacy screen. A particularly characteristic aesthetic is of course achieved when the privacy screen and patio furniture are made from recycled pallets.

Heavyweights: Secure pallets adequately when building privacy screens

In order to be able to build a high privacy screen yourself, you need a suitable foundation and stable pillars to secure the second and sometimes third row of pallets. If the quite heavy pallets are stacked on top of one another with insufficient security, this could lead to not inconsiderable injuries in the event of an accident. You can build a suitable holder with sturdy square timbers from the hardware store, for example, which are connected to the ground using earth sleeves or a concrete foundation.

Build a blooming privacy screen or raised bed

Similar to a stone wall made of gabions, a privacy screen made of pallets can also appear a bit bare after the initial enthusiasm has waned. But you can easily spice up a pallet wall in different ways:

  • with climbing plants
  • with hanging flower pots (usually sold with a special metal hook for the balcony railing)
  • with flower pots that are integrated into the existing crossbars of the pallets

If two pallets are joined upright and screwed together, the upper part can be used as a raised bed with an appropriate lining.


Old pallets sometimes have a patina caused by weathering, which can be quite attractive. With a sander, however, the original wood color can also be quickly “teased out” on pallets that are not too weathered.