Tie up tomatoes correctly - this is how you outsmart gravity

Tie up tomatoes correctly - this is how you outsmart gravity

The clever way to tie up tomatoes - despite the lack of space in the greenhouse

In the greenhouse, the space available for growing mighty beefsteak tomatoes or other tomato varieties is always limited. There is little space for climbing aids. A creative solution is needed to securely tie up the vines heavily laden with fruit. This is how it works in no time at all:

  • Tension a sturdy wire at a sufficient height of approx. 2 meters
  • attach strings to it at the planting distance of the tomatoes
  • Tie the lower end of the rope to the main shoot of the plant below the first pair of leaves
  • The tomato plant is guided and tied around this rope as it grows

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When the season is over, all tomato plants are removed from the greenhouse in one go. Simply pull it out of the ground, untie the knot on the wire and pull it to the compost heap.

This is how the secure connection of tomatoes and climbing aids succeed

Tomatoes in the field usually offer enough space to install a climbing aid. Stable sticks made of bamboo, plastic or fiberglass have proven themselves. Admittedly, the tendrils slide off this smooth material and gravity gets on the road to victory. Smart hobby gardeners prevent this with the following trick:

  • First wrap the support rods for tomatoes with synthetic jersey or gauze bandages
  • then connect the shoots according to their growth
  • Simple Velcro fasteners ensure the best hold

In contrast to smooth bars, a trellis offers a better hold. The tendrils can also be widened so that the weight is distributed. The higher space requirements and purchase price should be considered.

Spiral rod makes tying unnecessary

It is considered the flagship among the climbing aids for tomatoes in the hobby garden. The spiral rod is made of high quality aluminum or galvanized steel so that it is durable for many years. Thanks to the sinuous shape, the tomato plant climbs up without being connected to it.

Tips & Tricks

Discontinued women's nylon stockings are far too good to be thrown away. Cut into suitable pieces, they make an extra-soft and at the same time durable binding material for tomato plants. In this case, injuries to the tendrils are almost impossible.