Reminiscent of Coca Cola - dried boarwood

Reminiscent of Coca Cola - dried boarwood

What is dried cola herb used for?

The fresh or dried leaves of the wild boar can be used as a spice, but also for a healing tea infusion. First and foremost, use the tips of the leaves, the rest tastes extremely bitter. When used as a spice, fatty dishes and hearty roasts become more digestible, because the bitter substances in cola herbs support digestion. It also has a positive effect on the immune system.

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The cola herb is known by different names:

  • Cola bush
  • Stickroot
  • Pastor's herb
  • Boar rice
  • Garden salvation
  • pharmaceutically it has the name Herba Abrotani

How do you dry cola cabbage?

Once the cola bush has grown well, you can harvest its shoots.

  1. Cut off flawless shoots and flowers to dry.
  2. If necessary, wash the herb and dry it carefully.
  3. Always bundle several shoots and hang them upside down in an airy and dry place in the shade.
  4. As soon as the leaves can be stripped from the stems after a few days, the drying process is over.
  5. Keep the dry leaves airtight in cans or jars in a dark place.

Cola herb in the kitchen and as a medicinal plant

In the kitchen, the dried cola is used in hearty dishes such as duck or goose. Its bitter substances make fat digestion easier. But also with game dishes and in soft drinks you can achieve an aromatic taste with a little cola herb. However, you should be careful with the dosage. Too much of the herb gives the dish a bitter taste.

As a medicinal herb, cola herb is ideal for the digestive tract due to its bitter substances. Stomach and liver problems as well as gallbladder problems can be alleviated. Even with colds, you can have a positive effect on healing with a tea made from cola herb.

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