Cutting the Christmas rose - when it makes sense to cut back

Cutting the Christmas rose - when it makes sense to cut back

Cut back the Christmas rose outdoors

The Christmas rose is completely undemanding in terms of care. It basically works without pruning. If you are very annoyed with dead flowers and withered leaves, you can of course remove them.

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Cut off wilted leaves as deep as possible. With a more powerful pruning of the snow rose, wait until after flowering. Then cut off any bloomed inflorescences close to the ground.

You should not cut the green leaves so that the snow rose can gather strength for the next flowering period in the current gardening year. If you accidentally cut off too many leaves, it doesn't matter. The Christmas rose develops new leaves very quickly.

Prevent leaf disease by pruning

You can prevent leaf disease by cutting off wilted leaves that are too dense. However, this disease occurs only very rarely in the robust Christmas rose if the location is right.

Cut a Christmas rose as a cut flower

Christmas roses with long stems are suitable for the vase. Unfortunately, the beautiful flowers don't stay indoors for too long. Without special care, they will fade after a week.

Your Christmas rose bouquet will last longer if you treat the cut snow roses as follows beforehand:

  • Cut the stalk crosswise with a knife
  • Alternatively, prick several times with a needle
  • Place the stems in lukewarm water for a while
  • Arrange as a bouquet only afterwards
  • Change water daily
  • Keep the vase cooler at night

By piercing or crossing the stem a few centimeters below the flower, the flower can better absorb water.

Let the flowers float in a bowl of water

The flowers of the Christmas rose hold up even better if you don't put them in the vase, but tend to float them on water.

To do this, the stems are shortened to one centimeter below the flower. Then place the flower heads in a bowl filled with water.

Again, you should change the water every day if possible to extend the shelf life of the flowers.

Always wear gloves when cutting

Since the snow rose is so poisonous, you should never touch it with your bare hands. The sap can cause nasty inflammation on the skin.

Use disposable gloves that you dispose of after use. Don't forget to thoroughly clean the scissors and tools that were used to cut the Christmas rose afterwards.

Tips & Tricks

Christmas roses reproduce themselves from seeds. If you want to prevent it from spreading, you should cut back the faded flowers of the snow rose in good time. This will prevent the flower from self-sowing.