Plant a peach tree and care for it optimally

Plant a peach tree and care for it optimally

Which location do peaches prefer?

Peaches love the sun and the warmth. A full sun, but sheltered place in the garden is ideal. Varieties that remain small, such as B. Rubira can also be kept in a pot.

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How do I plant or sow a peach tree?

Commercially available peach trees are usually grafted. They can simply be planted in a suitable spot in the garden. Before that, however, a root cut should be made and the root ball should be watered vigorously. Peaches can also be sown directly, provided they are genuine varieties.

Do I have to prefer peaches?

Moving forward is not absolutely necessary. However, in order to actually pull a plant out of the core, observance of the winter rest is essential. The best way to do this is to store the seed core in a cool and dark place, possibly in a box with damp sand.

Can you transplant peaches?

You should in fact transplant young peach trees at least once or twice, as this stimulates root growth. However, older trees will no longer tolerate repositioning.

How can peaches be propagated?

Peaches can be propagated both from cuttings and from the seed core. The latter, however, is basically only possible with the real varieties.

When is the best time to plant?

It is best to plant peaches in autumn so that the tree has the necessary hibernation and can finally sprout in spring.

When do peaches bloom?

Peaches bloom very early in the year, most varieties as early as mid to late March. The time of flowering depends on the weather and the variety on the one hand. But be careful: Most varieties have frost-sensitive flowers, which is why protection (e.g. a fleece or fleece blanket) is necessary in the event of cold spells.

When can I harvest the juicy fruits?

There are early, medium early and late ripening peach varieties. Early varieties such as B. Suncrest can partly be harvested at the end of June / beginning of July. However, the main harvest time is the months August to September. Peaches do not all ripen at the same time, so the harvesting process can take two to three weeks. Fruits harvested when fully ripe do not have a long shelf life, but peaches picked when they are not ripe ripen.

What kind of soil do peaches prefer?

Peaches like loose, humus-rich soil. Heavy and loamy or very sandy soils, on the other hand, are less suitable.

Do you have to water freely planted peaches?

Peaches need a lot of water, especially when the fruit is developing, but waterlogging should be avoided.

When and what should I fertilize?

You should not fertilize directly when planting. The best time to fertilize is between May and July when applying fertilizers rich in nitrogen and potassium. There is no fertilization in winter.

Good and bad neighbors

Peaches should be planted together with garlic, horseradish and / or nasturtiums, as these plants help curb the widespread curl disease. Otherwise, however, peaches need a lot of distance from other plantings.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to plant your peach tree on a house wall that gives off heat. This protects the tree from wind and drafts, but must not cast shadows and thus rob the plant of the sun. Orientation to the south is ideal.

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