How do hot peppers and jalapeno differ?

How do hot peppers and jalapeno differ?

Worth knowing about Jalapeno

  • belongs to the big chilli varieties
  • tapers to a round tip
  • bitter, slightly earthy taste
  • When ripe, the aroma becomes sweet
  • red or green available
  • quite pleasant sharpness (5-7 on the Scoville scale)
  • suitable for sauces, fillings, pizza toppings, salads or seared
  • belonging to the chilli variety Capsicum Anuum
  • actually annual, but recurring with conscientious care

Interesting facts about hot peppers

  • long, narrow shape
  • available in almost all colors
  • wide range of spiciness (ranges from mild and sweet to fiery hot)
  • The length of the pods is about 10-20 cm
  • The diameter of the pods is often 1-2 cm
  • is used to make paprika spices
  • comes from Southeast Asia
  • Harvest time from August to October

The difference between jalapeno and hot peppers

In summary, hot peppers and jalapeno are not only very similar on the outside. Both come from the same vegetable variety and, unlike other fruits, have a distinctive degree of spiciness due to the capsaicin content. But this is exactly where the main difference lies. The jalapeno is known for its spiciness, which is why everyone associates the fiery taste with the chilli variety. Of course, the piquant aroma is also associated with hot peppers, but connoisseurs know that they can also taste sweet or sweet. Especially when green, when the capsaicin has not yet been fully formed, peppers taste pleasantly mild. With a little background knowledge, you can distinguish the two types of paprika by their shape on closer inspection. Hot peppers are usually a bit bigger,the jalapeno has a rounded tip. The differentiation from other chilli varieties is an additional challenge. In the end, it makes little difference in taste whether you use the jalapeno or the hot peppers when preparing a dish.

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