Is thuja a shallow root or a deep root?

Is thuja a shallow root or a deep root?

Thuja - shallow root or deep root?

  • Thuja = shallow root
  • extensive roots
  • Root depth up to one meter and more
  • Keep your distance from sidewalks

The tree of life is a shallow root. This means that you usually don't have to worry that the roots will damage utility lines underground.

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The root depth is up to one meter, depending on the size and age of the thuja. The roots spread out like a plate. They are very fine at the edges and therefore easy to break off.

You should keep a sufficient planting distance from sidewalks and terraces. Over time, the roots can raise paving slabs or damage flooring.

The roots of the thuja do not like transplanting

Once planted, thuja is reluctant to replant. The root system is very resentful of strong interventions. Therefore, think carefully about whether the planned location is really suitable.

If transplanting is unavoidable, this will only be successful with very young trees of life. Here the roots are not yet as pronounced and can be excavated relatively undamaged.

Underplant thuja

Due to the wide branching it is very difficult for other plants to find enough space for their own root formation. Only smaller plants with few roots, such as summer flowers, have a chance here.

Dig up thuja roots

The ramified roots make it very difficult to dig up a thuja hedge. You will need to dig around the tree at least three feet and deep to get the roots all the way out of the ground.

If the hedge is to be removed completely, it is worthwhile at least for older Thuja to commission a gardening company with this work. The specialists have the necessary equipment and dispose of the remains of the trees of life at the same time.


If you don't want to go through the work of digging up the roots of the thuja hedge, you can leave them in the ground, too. They rot in the ground, even if that takes a long time. But they will not drive out again.