How to care for an egg tree - tips and tricks

How to care for an egg tree - tips and tricks

Location and soil

The egg tree really cannot be described as undemanding. As a nightshade plant, it is one of the vegetable plants and is related to the potato and tomato, but much more sensitive than these. Therefore, the location should definitely be light to sunny and warm. Cultivation as a houseplant is also possible.

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However, even then, the egg tree should be outside at least for some time in summer. A sheltered place in front of a warming wall or house wall is ideal, but not in the shade. The soil should be evenly moist and well-drained, preferably with a certain amount of sand.

Plant the egg tree

Ideally, improve soil permeability before planting an egg tree. A drainage layer made of gravel, perlite (€ 32.90 at Amazon *) or pumice is very useful for this. You can create this drainage both in a tub and in a planting hole in the garden. After planting, water the egg tree well. A mulch film keeps the moisture in the soil longer and also keeps it warm.

Water and fertilize

An eggplant plant needs a lot of water. Therefore, it makes sense to create a watering edge around the root area of ​​the plant. This will prevent the irrigation water from running off unused. Regular watering is very important, especially during the growth phase and the flowering period. The soil around the egg tree should always be slightly damp.

The heyday

From around August to October or November, the egg tree bears beautiful blue or red-violet flowers that reach a diameter of three to five centimeters. However, the eggplant plant needs a lot of heat and light for a beautiful bloom. When it is cold and / or lack of light, the flower usually does not flower.

The essentials in brief:

Plant family: nightshade family (bot. Solanaceae)

  • needs a lot of light and warmth
  • not hardy
  • Wintering possible
  • very decorative red or blue-violet flowers
  • ripe fruits edible (eggplant)


If you overwinter your egg tree properly, it can bear fruit for several years.

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