Is coconut soil suitable for all plants?

Is coconut soil suitable for all plants?

Cultivation soil of superlatives

Coconut soil is an unbeatable advantage for all the plants that you prefer on the windowsill. Sow the seeds of vegetables, tomatoes, flowers, perennials and ornamental trees in coconut. The combination of a loose, airy structure, reliable water storage and a lean composition motivates seedlings to grow roots quickly.

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Valuable building block for potting soil

Coconut soil makes a valuable contribution to healthy root growth. This property qualifies the natural product as the ideal substrate component for all plants that thrive in pots, boxes and tubs. The following overview would like to inspire you to enrich every plant soil with coconut fiber in the future:

  • Evergreen and blooming houseplants: Mix of potting soil, coconut and expanded clay
  • Bonsai trees for living rooms and balconies: enrich Akadama with coconut fibers, lava granules (€ 10.95 at Amazon *) and humus
  • Orchids: Coconut soil as an organic additive for pine bark substrate
  • Vegetables, herbs and tomatoes: after cultivation as a complementary component to vegetable or tomato soil

As a rule of thumb for a balanced combination of coconut and plant soil, a mixing ratio of 1: 1 has proven itself in practice. It is important to note that you let unfertilized humus briquettes soak in fertilized water before you mix in potting soil or special substrate.

Forward-looking soil improver

Plants in the bed are better protected from waterlogging if coconut fibers optimize the soil. If you enrich the excavated earth to a third with coconut soil when planting, your ornamental and useful plants will thank you with healthy growth. Kokoshum buffers threatening root pressure when you plant flowers and perennials in the ground as underplanting of mighty trees.


With all the enthusiasm for coconut soil, some disadvantages must not be ignored. Hobby gardeners on a tight budget complain about the higher purchase price compared to conventional flower or potting soil. Private gardeners find the time-consuming preparation of humus bricks, which can take up to 60 minutes, to be an inhibition threshold.