Harvesting marigold seeds yourself - is that possible?

Harvesting marigold seeds yourself - is that possible?

When are the seeds harvested?

In order for the marigolds to continuously produce new flowers, it is advisable to cut off the withered parts of the plant as quickly as possible. The optimal time for the seed harvest is therefore autumn. Do not remove what has faded, but let the marigold flower heads dry on the plant. The elongated, black seeds of the marigold are in small seed tubes, on the upper side of which there are often dried up petals when harvested.

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How is it harvested?

If you want to collect the seeds, do the following:

  • Break off the dried head from the stem.
  • Place the flowers on a piece of kitchen paper for about a week until they are completely dry.
  • Put the seed pods in a freezer bag, inflate it a little and close it tightly.
  • Shake the garbage bags vigorously for one minute to loosen the seeds from the flower heads.
  • Empty the seeds into a coarse sieve placed on a plate. This will separate the seeds from the pods.

Of course, you can also pluck the seeds from the tubes by hand. However, this is tedious and quite time-consuming for larger quantities.

How are the marigold seeds stored?

The well-dried seeds should be kept cool and protected from light. Paper sandwich bags are suitable for packaging because, unlike plastic bags, they are breathable. This prevents the seed from forming mold. The bags are also easy to label.

Beware of cultivars

It is not always guaranteed that the student flowers you grow yourself will have exactly the same flower colors and heights as their parents. However, breeding is worthwhile, as many young Tagetes plants can be grown very cheaply from the seeds you have collected.


In mild regions, you can sow the marigold directly into the flower bed. It also germinates well there and quickly grows into strong plants.