Is Gazania hardy?

Is Gazania hardy?

However, the often golden yellow flowers only open when the sun is shining, they close again in the evening and without sun they remain closed the next morning. Often the flowers are two-colored with a contrasting center or a ray-shaped pattern. In addition to the typical yellow and orange flowers, there are also pink, cream or red ones.

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How to overwinter your Gazania

The midday gold is often traded as an annual plant, but you should definitely try overwintering once. After all, the Gazania is a perennial herbaceous plant in its homeland. It is important to have frost-free, but cool and light winter quarters. This can be a greenhouse or an unheated winter garden, but also the stairwell. A dark basement, on the other hand, is not suitable for wintering your Gazania.

Before the first night frosts arrive, plant your midday gold in suitable flower pots, unless they are potted or container plants anyway. As long as the days are still warm, the plants can spend them outside and only have to be put in their winter quarters overnight. If the temperatures drop, you will relocate Gazania completely.

In winter the Gazania, like most other candidates for wintering, are only sparingly watered and not fertilized. They feel quite comfortable in their winter rest at temperatures between 5 and 10 ° C. In the spring, you then slowly harden the midday gold again by putting it outside during the day. However, you can only really take your summer spot again after the ice saints in May.

The best winter tips for your Gazania:

  • overwinter in light and frost-free
  • pour little
  • do not fertilize
  • Keep the temperature at 5 - 10 ° C as possible
  • Harden plants slowly in spring
  • Plant out only after the ice saints
  • Wintering is also possible for cuttings


Do not overwinter your Gazania in a dark basement. These plants need a lot of light! If in doubt, the stairwell is the more suitable place.