Pulling Christmas rose in a pot - tips for care

Pulling Christmas rose in a pot - tips for care

It has to be the right pot

The Christmas rose is a very narrow perennial, but its roots become very long. You therefore need a bucket or pot that is as deep as possible so that the snow rose can thrive in it.

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In addition, there must be no waterlogging. The planter needs a large drain from which excess irrigation water can escape.

It has proven useful to put a drainage layer made of gravel, pottery shards, expanded clay (€ 17.50 on Amazon *) or other suitable materials on the bottom of the pot. This will prevent waterlogging, which will cause the roots to rot.

This is the place where the snow rose feels at home in the bucket

Make sure the bucket is in a good location. The Christmas rose does not like direct sun. This is especially true in summer. Place the Christmas rose in the shade on a north-facing balcony or terrace. The plant must not be too dark.

How to care for Christmas roses in pots

While the snow rose in the garden can almost entirely do without maintenance, you have to pay more attention to the perennials in the pot. You must have a Christmas rose in a bucket

  • Water more often
  • Fertilize occasionally
  • Protect from frost

Always water when the top layer of soil has dried. Make sure that waterlogging never occurs. Just before flowering and in autumn you should treat the Christmas rose to some organic fertilizer.

Since the pot freezes through very quickly in winter, you have to protect Christmas roses in the tub with winter protection.

Bring a Christmas rose into your home as a Christmas rose

Christmas roses are not indoor plants. Of course, you can bring the Christmas rose into your house before Christmas to enjoy the blossoms.

The pot must stand in a cool place and must not be exposed to direct sunlight by the window.

Tips & Tricks

If cats live in the household, it is better not to keep Christmas roses in the tub on the terrace or in the house. The snow rose is highly poisonous in all parts and represents a real danger to four-legged friends.